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Small precision pumps

There are so many things that you can learn and there are so many things that you can work with, and its interesting to learn more thing and to understand what others work with. There are always new things to learn and to work with. Some might work with small precision pumps and that is something I don't know so much about but that is interesting to learn about. And if one would need a small precision pump one can go in and check out the website to see more about that. 

Fun to leran more things

Yes its so interesting ...

Ut i skogen!

Fick, på tal om svampar, Karl-Johansvamp av en filippinska jag känner. Skulle bara gå förbi henne och säga hej. Hon hade precis kommit hem från skogen där hon plockat en massa svamp. Hon hade hela köksgolvet fullt med svampar på tidningspapper. Tänk att det finns så mycket läckerheter i skogen. Jag ska försöka ta ut familjen till skogen imorgon kväll. Det är ett skönt ställe att vara på med familjen. Man kan lära känna barnen ännu bättre. Prata och äta lite blåbär samtidigt. Det är mysigt och lugnt.

Fish like you mean it

My little son is not so good with his fishing pole...I guess he is waving it around and hitting it in his dads head over and over...funny mental image I think...he learned to tie his lure on to his pole just like that in seconds, but remembering not to whack people in the head with his pole, not so much...poor guy. Well Im sure he will learn someday. Oh and this morning, taking kids to school, we get there and a cute girl in his class tells me she went fishing over the weekend and caught a huge salmon! She ...

Go on vacation

Have you ever thought of going to France or to go to a Chateau in Brittany, France? No? Well, my I recommend it. To get a whole sense of what France really is about is something that one don't forget the first thing you do. And France is really a lovely country where one do want to stat because of the food, culture, people and also the countryside that is something extra. I do recommend all that is planning or thinking of going to France to go because there is nothing compared to this on this side of Italy, ...

A lovely summer vacation

To do a vacation in France is dream that came true for a couple of years ago. This happened when me and a couple friends went to France to get and see the Eiffel tower and the Louvren and so on. THat was amazing too see all of that and I can say that I love Europe with everything that it has to offer. I would really like to go back and see more of it, maybe go to Sweden and see Stockholm, that would be lovely and awesome.

This year will be better.

Today I have a lot of energy and I want to do a lot. The most important cause of this could be the glucosamine I use lately to reduce my joint complaints. And it seems to work because I am feeling much better and I am capable to do a lot more in comparison to a few weeks ago. And that is great news, just no the summer is starting and there is a lot to go in the garden. last year I did not do a lot and it did not felt good. I wish the garden looked nicer ...